Ubuntu Desktop Hyper-V Guest Looses Left-Click

I’ve been trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop as a guest on a Hyper-V server and keep running into this issue where I cannot left-click. I would get part-way through the installer and just completely loose the ability to click anywhere and would have to restart the installation process. It didn’t seem to be related to any particular step in the installation process and seemed to be more related to time than anything. Here are all of the fixes I tried that did not work:

  • Adding CPUs
  • Running the installer with the virtual NIC disconnected
  • Enabling and disabling the Tools option
  • Bouncing to fullscreen and back
  • Using the Try Ubuntu Without Installing option
  • Deleting the virtual machine and virtual hard drive and rebuilding everything from scratch
  • Tons of fruitless Googling
  • Cursing and stamping my feet

Finally, I hit on the solution! By default, Hyper-V will only allocate 1GB RAM and I figured that since this was going to be a stripped-down VM, 1GB would be sufficient. It was not. At all. Shut down the VM, allocated 2GB (which is still half the recommended minimum, had I bothered to check) and everything worked fine! So, lesson learned: RTFM.