Create and deploy workstation images

Want to create and deploy drive images over your network but don’t feel like getting jacked for proprietary software? Not surprisingly, there is an easy way to do it with open source software, but it is slightly more involved.  This how-to is written with the following assumptions that should be checked before starting: The workstation and the server are on the same network. Both are using a Windows operating system such as 2000, XP, 2003,Vista or 7 Neither device has any firewall or security impeding communications between the two. The server has enough drive space to hold the image.  If … Continue reading Create and deploy workstation images

Nvidia GEForce 8500GT on Ubuntu 9.04

A quick how-to on getting 3d graphics working in Ubuntu with an Nvidia 8500GT.  This process has been tested on both x86 and x64 distros and has also been tested with an Nvidia 8400GS.  I have also successfully used a similar process on Fedora 11 x64, but the step-by-step was slightly different. It appears that all Nvidia 8000 and 9000 series graphics cards use the same set of drivers, so I would hazard a guess that this process would work on any of these, but I don’t have the cash to find out. Make sure that all updates are installed … Continue reading Nvidia GEForce 8500GT on Ubuntu 9.04